Dec 13, 2008

COOKING television series drastically increased - the HORRIBLE TRUTH why

COOKING television series drastically increased and Global Genocide Agenda

Why did the Illuminati drastically increase the number of Cooking television series, going as far as packaging some of the hosts as illuminati icons? (1)
The closer it gets to the slaughter the more important it is to keep the "fattened cattle" picture alive.

But now it is no more because the picture is required while the human cattle is transported to the slaughterhouse. (2)

The reason now is to distract the human cattle from the fact that, while waiting INSIDE the slaughterhouse, they are fed BEYOND what was originally planned. (3)

(1) Google will immediately tell you what are illuminati icons: result #1...
... from
(2) 2005 - 'Pictures of "human cattle" being transported to be slaughtered'
message148689 at godlikeproductions, deleted May 2009 by this forum managed by the CIA Disinformation, after 3+ years and 20,000+ views. Still here:

(3) 2008, November: HORRIBLE TRUTH about PACKED shelves and $50 oil shortly before the END

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