Jul 9, 2011

Mandatory vaccination alias vassassination postponed FIVE times - WHY

Introductiion added Jan 2016:
To get the ebola hoax all you need is to get why under the cover of bombing ISIS mercenaries who are actually in the illuminazi payroll: 
- officially since Sep 2015 Syria becane the first battle ever where US and Russia jets are sharing the same skies bombing the same enemy, all 
- Jan 2016, the US and Turkey iare about to officially use the army to attack the syrian rebels.

From 2011:
Compulsory vaccination alias vassassination: Why was the hoax renamed several times (avian flu, swine flu, ebola)?
For the same reason that, since 2009, from USA to EU, 20 instead of 200 million sheeple were slaughtered at hospitals.
In other words: Mandatory vaccination is part of the BIG BANG, launched with the staged arrest of the Obama Bi(nla)den presidency. . 
So the real question is:

Why was it postponed FIVE times? Answer:
First two times: because the illuminati Grand Master was forced to change the tactic to complete one of the pre-conditions: the disarm citizens agenda.
The original tactic, canceled at the last minute twice, Nov 2008 and Nov 2012: "electing" the actor in the role of "republican impostor" (McCain 2008, "Romney" 2012).
Immediately after the job would be completed the "impostor" would self-detonate and be stripped to let Hillary Clinton be proclaimed successor of GW Bush and officially supervise the BIG BANG in the USA.
In other words: it was "Obama" who had to be assigned the job of disarming the citizens, what would require more time.

Third time: the start of the Arab Spring, 2011.

Added Fouth time May 2014; fifth time Jan 2015.
Fourth and fifth time: both related to the brave people of Novorussia and the failure to crush the rebels in Syria
Easter Sunday 2014, the scripted date for the start of the BIG BANG, alias Osama Bin Laden resurrects over the Temple Mount, Jerusalem, crucified to missing Boeing 777: 
postponed because of the start of the armed revolt.
17 Jan 2015, the scripted date for the penultimate act in the BIG BANG's preliminaries, alias black box of second missing Malaysia plane reveals brave passengers foiled ISIS attempt to take over the plane: 
postponed because of the failed all out assault on Donetsk, despite the treasonous Novorussia leaders.

vaccines - Exemptions
Added, Feb 2015;
The U.S. Health and Human Services published a 46-page draft proposal and notice in the Federal Register recently regarding more mandated vaccines for adults, and especially pregnant females; employer-enforced adult vaccinations; and probably for getting faith-based groups to uptake and not oppose vaccines/vaccinations.

Exposed first by Last Prophet May 2006:
Avian flu 2006: why super virus pandemic HOAX NOT launched as bovine or swine flu

Why YOU will accept VASSACCINATION of children and parents, before Illuminati VASSASSINATE YOU
HORRIBLE TRUTH about Lance Armstrong and Usain Bolt is the same HORRIBLE TRUTH as about YOU

Name of Global Village in Illuminati anti-bible Horrible TRUTH revealed worldwide first here, shortly before it will become clear to all

Vassassination postponed again and again, is the second reason for this:
Paradoxes: since 2009, from USA to EU, 20 instead of 200 million sheeple were slaughtered at hospitals

Apr 2015 - Australia: everyone must get vaccinated, except the Prime Minister’s daughters - illuminati joke for dummies
When "Tony" Abbot stated that he wouldn't vaccinate his daughters unless “there is a national immunisation program" he had already been casted to appear years later as the pioneer of forced vaccination for everyone, part of theglobal vassassination agenda to be executed during the BIG BANG.

Super virus pandemic hoax: Zika follows ebola for mandatory vaccination: GLOBAL kill shot

2011 - How the stage is being set for groups targeted for genocide:
A decade after 9/11 they came for the baby boomers

Disarm the citizens - the ONE and ONLY task that still must be completed, ever since systemic collapse in July 2007.
The changes in script ever since show 
- how weak the illuminati are;
- how totally brainwashed the human cattle is, allowing the illuminati, despite their weakness, to transport them to the slaughterhouse.

Obama stripped, Hillary Clinton proclaimed the real 44th and first woman to become US president and vassassination are just 3 of the BIG BANG episodes.
Find out what the others ones are, starting with the supervised race war:
- from controlled demolition of all banks, alias human cattle totally stripped to mandatory vaccination, alias human cattle voluntarily slaughtered;
- from pope Francis to Benedict, from Fed chairman Ben Shalom Bernanke to first woman Janet Yellen, from "Obama hanged" to "Putin flees to China".
Last but not the least: from the sudden mutation of "modern" shopping malls and stadiums into extermination camps to 6 million Jews mini-nuked and totally gassed, this time in their ancestral lands.
the final and "most sophisticated conspiracy in the History of conspiracies".