Sep 25, 2015

Trains to extermination camps as orderly relocations AGAIN in Europe ,now it starts with refugees not with jews

Sept 25, 2015 - IV Reich: finally the same picture of the final journey as in the III Reich.
Europe: Death trains to extermination camps painted as very orderly and organized relocations: here we go again from BBC World to German TV.
Remake of tje  images served in the UK and the USA before World War II. pf jews heading to the Dachau "concentration camp" branded as relocation.
80 years later,the first passengers peacefully boarding the death trains are not presented as jews but as migrants or refugees

How illuminato set multitudes unknowingly yet voluntarily marching from refugee to extermination camps.
The main trigger was tp start the termination of "food stamps" for 5 million refugeea in camps in Turkey, Lebanon and Jordan.
It didn't start with a TOTAL BANG, as it will be the case of blacks after the "US shutdown".
Reason: the process of feeding Europe's extermination camps with refugees and migrants is based on a steadily flow.

Extermination camps in Europe and World War - reversed timing in IV Reich
III Reich: genocide in extermination camps started shortly BEFORE World War II was launched in Europe.
IV Reich: genocide in extermination camps starts with the first organized transports in Sep 2015, 4 years AFTER World War III was launched in Syria, in 2011.

Death trains - the main differences: 
1. the first "relocated" passengers this time are not almost all jews but rather from Syria, Iraq and Afghanistan.
They fled chlorine and barrel bombs by fighter jets and attack helicopters from both the "Assad, Iran and Russia" unofficial coaliton and the supposedly independently operating "US led coalition of now 60 countries".

2. This time the operation doesn't start with German Gestapo supervising it but rather the neo-Gestapo from eastern Europe states.

3. This time the orderly phase was preceded by an intentionally chaotic phase, or in other words by a psy-op.

Illuminati media AGAIN reporting death trains to extermination camps as "very orderly and organized relocations".
The path to reach the same picture - contrast the III with the IV Reich
III Reich:
1. The main psy-op to was "jews are subhuman".

2. Meanwhile the fake oppositors (UK and US governments and media) painted Hitler:
- not only as an acceptable partner, from "peace confeence" of Munich 1938 to almost all major corporations ...
- but in fact propagated the nazis, from nazi Germany as organizer of the Olympics to constantly praising the "german economic miracle" from the "ruins of the first world war".

IV Reich: 2015:
1. Calais, France psy-op, to paint refugees as "migrants tryng to escape poverty", centered about "migrants trying by all means to border trucks and trains to England".
This included police pretending to "unsuccessfully try to stop migrants".

2. Major wave of refugees flooding to Europe suddenly created by:
- Bombing camapaign in Syria and Iraq upscaled to maximum level, cities where every building is damaged.
- termination of "food stamps" to 5 million refugees in camps in Lebanon, Jordan and Turkey.

3. Angela Merkel (Hitler's younger daughter) announces that "Germany is ready to welcome 800,000 refugees".

4. Hungary's neo-Gestapo ordered to allow refugees to escape detention camps and so stage the "march from Hungary to Germany". "Mamma Merkel"'s signs non-stop repetition that all that migrants want is Germany.

Sep 13, 2015 - The unending misery of the approximately 4 million Syrian refugees scattered around Turkey, Lebanon, Jordan and other Arab nations is one significant factor in the rise.
With the Syrian civil war in its fifth year, they have little hope of returning home, and for many the situation in exile is worsening.
Because of lack of funding, for example, the World Food Program has had to strike hundreds of thousands of refugees off its rolls for monthly vouchers to buy food, and for some others the payment has been reduced to $13 a month.
From 2005: The Race Card: How the illuminati played it in the III Reich compared to how they play it now in the IV Reich: WHY ANY NON-WHITE SHOULD IMMEDIATELY LEAVE USA, European Union, CANADA, AUSTRALIA

Termination of "food stamps" to set the stage for genocide was originally scripted for black US citizens. part of the US shutdown theater.
The role of food stamps in the imminent genocide in gas chambers and by the guillotine in malls, that starts with blacks and muslims.
The script for what's about to happen was explained in 2013 by Last Prophet.

One of the basic censored facts about young male refugees from Syria and Iraq: 
80% of them are deserters from the nazi puppet armies, and most of these are sunni conscripts who faced the choice to participate in the genocide of sunnis or be shot on the spot.
Ukraine preview: What happens once citizens were disarmed and additionally now almost all accepted the Mark of the Beast

Jul 2015 - Psy-ops to paint refugees as criminal migrants: set stage for death trains and 2 months later already to keep them rolling.

Jan 2016 - Extermination camps for refugees in Europe: Illuminati pass truth in plain sight, from Germany Justice minister to Belgium Immigration minister 
"There’s a Solution to the Refugee Crisis, But No One Is Talking About It"

Alexander Adolf Hitler is the current Illuminati Grand Master.