Sep 11, 2009

Virtually EVERY mall, stadium and large school built since 2000 designed as FEMA Concentration camp in the reduced version, the extermination camp

Apr 2013: Mass detentions became routine, from New York to Madrid.
Last Prophet repliies to psy-op propagating this video:

They were ALL already built.
Video is served by the illuminati web of disinfo to divert from the THREE basic facts:
1. - the INTERNMENT camps are in fact EXTERMINATION camps
2. - although they are also for POLITICAL DISSIDENTS they are meant primarily for TENS os MILLIONS (in the USA alone) of human cattle. 
3. They are not only NOT hidden but also visited by human cattle on a daily or weekly basis. 

Reminder from Sept 2009:

Executions by the Illuminati: public vs behind closed doors - sports champions vs HUMAN CATTLE
Falsely accused athletics and cycling champions were publicly executed, forced to "confess" doping, coming now to Lance Armstrong. 
But human cattle is executed no differently from normal cattle at the slaughterhouse: behind closed doors.
Millions were already executed in hospitals and homes for elderly.
The next stage, after the BIG BANG and martial law: malls, stadiums and large schools morph on demand to extermination camps. 

Human cattle unable to see the Truth in plain sight
Human beasts fattened by the illuminati to be slaughtered, are like the rest of the cattle: not able to identify the slaughterhouse even when they are inside it.
But it's even more sickening as far as the human cattle: they got the chance to visit several times the slaughterhouse and leave each time before the last visit.

Virtually EVERY mall, stadium and large school built since 2000 designed as FEMA Concentration camp in the reduced version, the extermination camp
In nazi concentration camps people were supposed to work until they were gassed.
As expected from the famous final Laws, in most neo-nazi concentration camps human cattle is NOT supposed to work until they are slaughtered.
Virtually EVERY mall, stadium and large school built since 2000 was designed to be used as concentration camp, or better, the reductionist version, as extermination camp. 
That was already the case for MOST of those built after 1990.
That is all it takes to understand reductionism in that kind of Architecture of the last leg of illuminati overtime in Illuminatziland.

2013 Apr - Web of disinfo, pretending to expose while in fact diverting: "MAKE THIS VIRAL ... ":

2008 - see the amount of empty Walmart's at 7:30

Some facilities are either already being used or meant to be used as labor camps
FEMA CAMPS - map of concentration camps in the USA (Google maps)

Public Executions by the Illuminati: Lance Armstrong

Millions already executed behind closed doors, in hospitals and homes for elderly. 

Mass detentions have already started
Madrid, 25 September 2012 - HORRIBLE TRUTH * about video of police masked as "protesters" arresting protesters

Full-scale activation of extermination camps: Feed algorithm reduced

Human beasts only revolt when faced with empty shelves.
But at that stage, coming now to your supermarket, it's time for World War III.
Iranians were the first to revolt. 2009, brutally repressed with mass executions by illuminati agents of the Iran ever since.
In 2011 the Arab Spring began.
Hail the Iranians 2009, the 2011 Arab Spring of Tunisians, Libyans, Egyptians, Syrians, Yemenis, and the Turks 2013, who reacted before the empty shelves stage, coming NOW to Human Beasts' supermarkets

Reductionism, from the goal of concentration camps to the architecture of malls, stadiums and schools, like in ANY kind of Architecture, since nothing escapes the famous final Laws.
From 911 "planes" to Oslo "victims" to megamillions and euromillions "jackpot" "winners"

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Aug 20, 2009

Glyphosate in every food agenda: herbicides as chemical weapons of mass destruction

Glyphosate in every food agenda: herbicides as chemical weapons of mass destruction

May 2, 2016 - From illuminati media:
The Weed Killer Glyphosate Is Being Found Everywhere—but Will It Hurt Us?
From beer to wine to breakfast food, the pesticide glyphosate is showing up in a lot of places that consumers don’t expect to find it. The chemical, a key ingredient in Monsanto’s Roundup weed killer, was declared a “probable carcinogen” by the World Health Organization’s International Agency for Research on Cancer last year.
Since then, a number of food and environmental activist groups have started testing for it in an array of products and finding it—albeit in small amounts—almost everywhere. Now a group of consumers are suing Quaker Oats, which is owned by PepsiCo, over the glyphosate that testing paid for by the plaintiffs found in the company’s Quick 1-Minute oats product.
The Quaker Oats are marketed as “100% natural” and the website tells consumers that oats, which are a very hearty crop, “require less herbicide spray than many other grains.”

Article mocks the human cattle with truth in plain sight
It incliudes all these questions, implicitly or explicitly;
Why are “natural” labels not regulated? 
Why is glyphosate showing up in oats and so many other foods? 
Why is glyphosate the most heavily used pesticide in history—with 2.4 billion pounds of it sprayed on U.S. farmland between 2004 and 2014?
why is that regulators have not been looking for glyphosate?
Why did the Environmental Protection Agency (EPA) reversed its 30 years old claim that it found glyphosate to be carcinogenic?
Why did The EPA, which is tasked with setting residue limits for pesticides, increase the threshold for glyphosate a few years ago?
Why was the threshold increased again and again to now 17.5 times the orginal value, from 0.1 milligram per kilogram of body weight to 1.75 milligrams?

All it takes to be able to mock the human cattle with truth in plain is to add three times the NO/NOT word: 
- Those questions don’t lead to straightforward answers.
- But even with the WHO designation, the EPA’s easing of limits, and the FDA’s nonexistent testing regime, it is by no means a foregone conclusion that glyphosate is going to give all of us—or any of us—cancer.
- The long-term effect of a lifetime of low-dose exposures to glyphosate, or most other commonly used pesticides, simply is not known.

Now for the straightforward answer:
Why "The Weed Killer Glyphosate Is Being Found in every food", including in "100% natural" brands:
Last Prophet's words from 2009: 

Why do illuminati deliberately spray glyphosate into the water and air of cities, from their drainage basins to their streets?
Answer: illuminati fulfilling commandments of their satanic religion.
Agendas "sulfites in all wine" and "Fluoride and BPA in all water" are completed.
Agenda "Poison in ALL beer" is about to be completed: imminent destuction of the last law protecting the purity of beer, Reinheitsgebot from 1516 in Germany.
Reminder: although illuminati has always been led by germans, you don't need to tell what germans are really worth for the illuminati, once you get the REAL History of World Wars.

Sulfites in Wine and Champagne illustrates one misconception about the Illuminati

See Glyphosate here:
Wars between big companies: Last Prophet's words from 2006, illustrated with two examples, both served with "US v Germany" as national qualifiers.
Walmart vs Aldi and Lidl: war on germans: joke about the real World War II
German Bayer's assault on American Monsanto joke about ongoing genocide

Jun 2, 2009

Why beasts will accept VASSACCINATION of their families, in case THE Beast still have time to VASSASSINATE YOU

 June 2, 2009: After weeks of "swine"-Flu "cases" intentionally staged  as grotesque, Keiji Fukuda, Illuminati's head of World "Health" Organization, announces "we are shortly before stage 6"..

Why YOU will accept VASSACCINATION of children and parents, before  Illuminati VASSASSINATE YOU
Of course all reasons are a consequence that YOU carry the Mark of the BEAST, that YOU formally ACCEPTED it on November 2, 2004 in the US or in the EU a few days earlier, October 2004.

But what exactly are those reasons?
For a start:
1. You accepted genocide of your own people. Reminder: since 2000 alone in the US more than 4 million "unproductive" were murdered in hospitals and homes.

Using the double talk technique, the illuminati let the sheeple know what stage 6 will be  (compulsory "vaccination"), without telling it explicitly.
Example: "French Government - Forced Vaccination against A/H1N1 ", from today.
Telling as openly as possible to the sheep that they are going to be slaughtered is a commandment of the illuminati religion pushed to the limits in illuminati overtime.

The Beasts, not to be confused with THE BEAST

Formal Acceptance of the Mark, 2004

Like during Hitler, hardly anyone wanted to see it. But this time genocide (other than the unborn) begun with a much broader segment of the population, the largest share is not an ethnic minority but actually part of  the ethnic majority.

Added 2011 July:
Compulsory vaccination alias vassassination: Why it was postponed  again and again since 2009


May 25, 2009

WATER BREAKING NEWS: illuminati OFFICIALLY reveal HOW they have been poisoning the populace

Poisoning with Water Revelation completed: 1 + 1 =2
Today the populace is given two basic possibilites to drink water.

25 May 2009, the illuminati reveal how they poison the populace using the second possibility (1). In one word: [ _ _ _ ].
How the illuminati have been poisoning the populace using the FIRST possibility was OFFICIALLY revealed 25 Nov 2008. (2)

Hints to solve the riddle
Curiously the first possibility, which they detailed seven mothns earlier to the day, has also three characters.

But in the second possibility the POISON is transmitted in a different way.
Unlike in the case of the first possibility it is NOT previously added to the water before the beginning of the last leg in the distribution channel.
Reminder: this is the ONLY thing that the illuminati told so far to the cattle ( for Germany is the same as for the US) (in english) (3)

"Do [ _ _ _ ] bottles contain bisphenol A?
Bisphenol A belongs to a group of substances which have a hormone-like (oestrogen) effect. This substance may be contained in plastic objects including objects that come into contact with food. Some examples are baby bottles, beakers, plastic cutlery or the inner lining of cans. However, [ _ _ _ ] bottles do not contain bisphenol A. "

In the revelation, illuminati explicitly stated the two main consequences of the poisoning using [ _ _ _ ] bottles.
Poster asks: (4)

Originally Posted by poster
And will too much BPA make me grow titties?
That was NOT one of them.

(1) Link to illuminati state TV will be given after riddle is solved.

(2) That day, like today, only ONE echoed the illuminati revelation.
So I don't need to tell who was also the only one that also placed the illuminati revelation in the right equation.
Or who ho was also the only one that also explained WHY the illuminati now revealed HOW they do it.

(3) From page of german goverement:

(4) From original article, where the riddle was solved. Do not click before trying to use what is left from your brain:

Added June 2, 2009: And what does the unprecedented crash of an Air France plane in the middle of the Atlantic has to do with [ _ _ _ ] bottles? For the answer, begin by thinking "Laws of End Time Reductionism", not by thinking "water" ...

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