Jun 2, 2009

Why beasts will accept VASSACCINATION of their families, in case THE Beast still have time to VASSASSINATE YOU

 June 2, 2009: After weeks of "swine"-Flu "cases" intentionally staged  as grotesque, Keiji Fukuda, Illuminati's head of World "Health" Organization, announces "we are shortly before stage 6"..

Why YOU will accept VASSACCINATION of children and parents, before  Illuminati VASSASSINATE YOU
Of course all reasons are a consequence that YOU carry the Mark of the BEAST, that YOU formally ACCEPTED it on November 2, 2004 in the US or in the EU a few days earlier, October 2004.

But what exactly are those reasons?
For a start:
1. You accepted genocide of your own people. Reminder: since 2000 alone in the US more than 4 million "unproductive" were murdered in hospitals and homes.

Using the double talk technique, the illuminati let the sheeple know what stage 6 will be  (compulsory "vaccination"), without telling it explicitly.
Example: "French Government - Forced Vaccination against A/H1N1 ", from today.
Telling as openly as possible to the sheep that they are going to be slaughtered is a commandment of the illuminati religion pushed to the limits in illuminati overtime.

The Beasts, not to be confused with THE BEAST

Formal Acceptance of the Mark, 2004

Like during Hitler, hardly anyone wanted to see it. But this time genocide (other than the unborn) begun with a much broader segment of the population, the largest share is not an ethnic minority but actually part of  the ethnic majority.

Added 2011 July:
Compulsory vaccination alias vassassination: Why it was postponed  again and again since 2009