Feb 14, 2007

Mass Murder Contents, Package and Timeline: Nazis v 'Globalists' compared

Comparing the stage of mass murder of unproductive in the nazi Third Reich with the "new world order" timelines

Implementing the agenda: One of the KEY analogies between Nazis and "globalists"

In the current stage, before the mass slaughter of the sheep begins,  the mass murder timeline follows actually the same patterns as in Nazi Germany in the first stage:

- occupied territories: mass murder, hidden by all state media; (1)
- within the national borders: mass murder of "unproductive" sectors.

Packaging the Agenda: differences between Nazis and "globalists"

The Nazis did not hide the mass murder of "unproductive".  They even ran a propaganda campaign using headlines like "Their elimination means freedom for both the society and for them" to let the populace accept it.
Although the ongoing mass murder of unproductive was significantly upscaled in October 2005, mass media continues to officially hide it, since it continues to be packaged as "assisted suicide", "euthanasia", the "right" to "Death with Dignity" (2). This translation for "Mass murder of unproductive" is part of the fulfillment of the illuminati anti-Bible for both the roles of  "fake Messiah" and "last antichrist" (3), to be staged as "the humanitarian", the herald of "global peace in our time".

(1)  Germany, US, UK, France, Spain, to name the most important. Reminder, as from February 2007:
Iraq: Body count now over 1 million - but one third were murdered by shiite GESTAPO death squads, trained by Iran & US


(2) Added March 1, 2009: Example from using the exact label of the package in the legalization process:
OLYMPIA, Washington – Terminally ill patients with less than six months to live will soon be able to ask their doctors to prescribe them lethal medication in Washington state.
-- http://news.yahoo.com/s/ap/20090301/ap_on_re_us/assisted_suicide
(3) http://anti-bible.blogspot.com/
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