May 25, 2009

WATER BREAKING NEWS: illuminati OFFICIALLY reveal HOW they have been poisoning the populace

Poisoning with Water Revelation completed: 1 + 1 =2
Today the populace is given two basic possibilites to drink water.

25 May 2009, the illuminati reveal how they poison the populace using the second possibility (1). In one word: [ _ _ _ ].
How the illuminati have been poisoning the populace using the FIRST possibility was OFFICIALLY revealed 25 Nov 2008. (2)

Hints to solve the riddle
Curiously the first possibility, which they detailed seven mothns earlier to the day, has also three characters.

But in the second possibility the POISON is transmitted in a different way.
Unlike in the case of the first possibility it is NOT previously added to the water before the beginning of the last leg in the distribution channel.
Reminder: this is the ONLY thing that the illuminati told so far to the cattle ( for Germany is the same as for the US) (in english) (3)

"Do [ _ _ _ ] bottles contain bisphenol A?
Bisphenol A belongs to a group of substances which have a hormone-like (oestrogen) effect. This substance may be contained in plastic objects including objects that come into contact with food. Some examples are baby bottles, beakers, plastic cutlery or the inner lining of cans. However, [ _ _ _ ] bottles do not contain bisphenol A. "

In the revelation, illuminati explicitly stated the two main consequences of the poisoning using [ _ _ _ ] bottles.
Poster asks: (4)

Originally Posted by poster
And will too much BPA make me grow titties?
That was NOT one of them.

(1) Link to illuminati state TV will be given after riddle is solved.

(2) That day, like today, only ONE echoed the illuminati revelation.
So I don't need to tell who was also the only one that also placed the illuminati revelation in the right equation.
Or who ho was also the only one that also explained WHY the illuminati now revealed HOW they do it.

(3) From page of german goverement:

(4) From original article, where the riddle was solved. Do not click before trying to use what is left from your brain:

Added June 2, 2009: And what does the unprecedented crash of an Air France plane in the middle of the Atlantic has to do with [ _ _ _ ] bottles? For the answer, begin by thinking "Laws of End Time Reductionism", not by thinking "water" ...

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Rational Skeptic said...

Wow, thanks for sharing this. I knew the dangers of BPA but I never thought that it was a deliberate thing. Then again most people don't think putting the toxic waste sodium flouride into our water is bad and done on purpose either. When our supposed leaders and captains of industry write about eugenics in a positive light I think people should pay a little bit more attention and stop giving them the benefit of the doubt. Don't you think?